What is "Vegan"?

Vegan means absolutley NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS

A vegan is someone who avoids all animal products whether it be for the animals, the environment or their own health. Whatever your reason is for going plant-based may be different from others and that's okay! 

Here at Baked we believe that just because you're giving up something that is in practically EVERYTHING doesn't mean you need to sacrifice flavor and fun. Everything we make here, from  macarons to cupcakes is 100% animal product free. 

     That means no

  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Gelatin
  • Bugs
  • A million other ingredients you had no idea came from animals

Now you're probably asking yourself, how do we make beautiful and delicious desserts without eggs and butter? That's actually the easiest part! With a variety of plant based milks, organic sugars and other pantry staples we are able to create amazing desserts that could easily surpass their nonvegan rivals. We invite you to try our treats at your next gathering to wow and amaze your party guests(vegan and not!)

Not Vegan?

What are you waiting for? Take the 22 day vegan challenge and see just how easy it is!